Vardy Seals Iconic Foxes Win At Arsenal | Arsenal 0 Leicester City 1 | 2020/21

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Jamie Vardy's second-half strike gave Leicester City their first win at Arsenal since 1973, and three important points in the Premier League.

Mehmet Yeşilyurt
Mehmet Yeşilyurt 5 gün önce
I'm surprised, native English speakers pronounce Cengiz's name absolutely right.
Budi Santoso
Budi Santoso 6 gün önce
When u see in different point of view, Vardy levelled Messi and CR7
8 17 gün önce
yassine zenai
yassine zenai 20 gün önce
Tayfun Tayfun
Tayfun Tayfun 21 gün önce
Hayrullah Gül
Hayrullah Gül 22 gün önce
Cengiz Under 🦊🔥🔥
Naki Songur
Naki Songur 24 gün önce
Cengiz under💪💪
Kagan Kaiser
Kagan Kaiser 24 gün önce
Those two Turks will make you legends this year.
Hahahha Hahaha
Hahahha Hahaha 25 gün önce
terciduk lgi..wkwkwk..
pida siouy
pida siouy 25 gün önce
Vardy and Cengiz are nightmare for the Arsenal and the others 👻☠️👹👹👹
Felipe Fagundes
Felipe Fagundes 26 gün önce
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 26 gün önce
Is no one going to talk about çengis? Game changer 🔥🔥
Makki Shop
Makki Shop 26 gün önce
1m views less than a week
Thanzil Nihmath
Thanzil Nihmath 27 gün önce
That Tielemans pre-assist tho.🔥
pida siouy
pida siouy 25 gün önce
Vardy party every day
oncu aydemir
oncu aydemir 27 gün önce
Under 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 killed it , what a pass
Ege Gurkan
Ege Gurkan 27 gün önce
What a team
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 26 gün önce
Rome was a weak slow like a sailboat Cengiz was too fast for them. Finally he is on a speed boat! At least it will be win win for both sides! Love u Leichester 🇹🇷🙏
Gustaf A
Gustaf A 28 gün önce
Daje Cengiz...!
kataman dusun sawangan desa tumenggungan
kataman dusun sawangan desa tumenggungan 28 gün önce
Vardy bukan kaleng"
RiP EaglE
RiP EaglE 28 gün önce
Cengiz under 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
tim boussardon
tim boussardon 28 gün önce
Jesus can change yr life bro ❤
Ferri riepay hardiansyah pedro
Ferri riepay hardiansyah pedro 28 gün önce
Bantai arsenal...good job Vardy
Mesi 28 gün önce
No Özil? lol
lala cruz
lala cruz 28 gün önce
Leicester have turkish player but arsenal can't use mesut ozil, really arsenal coach idot
TRI HARTA 29 gün önce
Yesss boysss, get in there!!!
Lamas jok
Lamas jok 29 gün önce Prediction Champion lengue
Herman Dude
Herman Dude 29 gün önce
You guys deserved the win from an Arsenal fan
Adam Khan Year 6
Adam Khan Year 6 29 gün önce
Vardy party every day
Fahmi Mandela
Fahmi Mandela 29 gün önce
England could have a classic but work 442 with vardy and kane but why 😭
CarpeDiem 29 gün önce
Rome was a weak slow like a sailboat Cengiz was too fast for them. Finally he is on a speed boat! At least it will be win win for both sides! Love u Leichester 🇹🇷🙏
EazyTV 29 gün önce
Thanks for another great game from the foxes💙🦊
Samuel _
Samuel _ 29 gün önce
Leicester: this is free real estate😂😂😂
Nick 29 gün önce
bernard chong
bernard chong 29 gün önce
Dam at age 33 Vardy still sprint like a beast
kautilya21 29 gün önce
AEK Athens 💪💪🤪🇬🇷
Unnamed Shadow
Unnamed Shadow 29 gün önce
And Leicester is a team that always loses one of their best players every season. Imagine if they actually kept them.
Onurcan Cümşit
Onurcan Cümşit 29 gün önce
Cengiz is great player. I hope we will watch this talent much more
Skythe Alla
Skythe Alla 29 gün önce
. Vardy Barnes. Madison. Ünder Ndidi. Mendy Chillwell Pereira Söyüncü. Evans Schmeichel
TOUHID LIVE 2020 CRICKET 29 gün önce
Ömer faruk Sebat
Ömer faruk Sebat Aylar önce
Cengiz khan
Mc Hugão
Mc Hugão Aylar önce 🎶⚽️
Nike Ardila
Nike Ardila Aylar önce
semoga semua ini kembali normal , 🙏 agar para tim pesepak bola dapat lebih semangat lagi karna ada pendukung yang langsung mendukung nya di dlm lapangan 😃 dan jangan lupa kunjungi situs agen resmi QiuQiu78 💫💫💫 Link : www,QiuQiu78,win (koma ganti jadi titik) Whatsap : ☎️ +62 831-3417-0011
lxmxn hxkxm
lxmxn hxkxm Aylar önce
asal thailand lak tu ? best nyee
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬 🇺🇲
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy Aylar önce
Arda Aylar önce
ÜnderTaker 😍
Karma88 Aylar önce
The minute I saw Luiz replaced Mustafi, I know Vardy is next!
Jarret C
Jarret C Aylar önce
Iconic? Lucky. VAR (or lack there of) is the real MVP.
Matt Pannell
Matt Pannell Aylar önce
So funny seeing Arsenal trying to sell the goal that was clearly off side. It might have worked in 1990 but not now. They played well but a vardy party from a sub who should be playing for England.
Ben Theboi
Ben Theboi Aylar önce
The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y.
The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y. Aylar önce
i''m not even a leicester fan and I think this is the best format for highlights for all of the individual teams
Jhony Pijat
Jhony Pijat Aylar önce
Ozil karma
Mut Sam
Mut Sam Aylar önce
If Brendan had a back 5 against Arsenal, he’s gonna set up a back 17 against Leeds🤣🤣🤣🤣.
R.F.K. PeaceNik19
R.F.K. PeaceNik19 Aylar önce
Hats Off to the Referees, Kasper the Great & Certainly, Jamie Vardy.
Ssekate Samuel
Ssekate Samuel Aylar önce
U can't start both Xhaxa and partey at the same time, what du expect
m2coy Aylar önce
congrats LC. love that unselfish assist play. if it were salah on the break he would not have passed it and missed the goal. just saying. from a liverpool fan.
ALİ DOĞAN Aylar önce
Ündertaker 👏
Darnell Lamar
Darnell Lamar Aylar önce
Vardy is better than lacazette🤣
tchiko Benz
tchiko Benz Aylar önce
Vardy + riyaaaaaaad mahreeeeez Lester cyti 💯 = king England yeeeeeeeeees
Layar 21inc
Layar 21inc Aylar önce
aubameyang whats his religion?
KiTA SenPai
KiTA SenPai Aylar önce
Arsenal need a fearsome clinical finisher! And lacazette ain’t one! Sell him on please!!
des Aylar önce
Jamie makes me happy every time I see him play. I love you Jamie
lucu01 Aylar önce
the difference was vardy
novan exlusive2
novan exlusive2 Aylar önce
I need oziel
Chembe John
Chembe John Aylar önce
Vardy how old are you.....friend
Maximum culture
Maximum culture Aylar önce
King vardy.
lamrin lost soul
lamrin lost soul Aylar önce
No ozil no party for arsenal Below average team never gonna cime back to CL ir win PL
Barney Cockerton
Barney Cockerton Aylar önce
Arsenal have Thomas Partey but Vardy is the one having a party.
David Briggs
David Briggs Aylar önce
The goal shows unselfish play. If Salah had done the same thing against Sheffield Utd we would have won 3-1 but he hit the post and Mane had a tap in.
Stewart Bailey
Stewart Bailey Aylar önce
The music is very annoying. Drop it please
martin mburu
martin mburu Aylar önce
Am waiting to see arsenal against man u
Baha skr
Baha skr Aylar önce
Cengiz under farkı
john moore
john moore Aylar önce
47 years since they beat Arsenal 😂😂😂😂😂😂 at home that's some record better than that dipstick vardys goals 😜 it shows you how good Arsenal are they would have won the game only for VAR clear goal pointless having it 👍🏼
mata Hari
mata Hari 29 gün önce
Under brendan Leicester won 3 out of 5 matches against arsenal, lose once due they play the b team. It's all mattered to the manager in charge.
chiko Al abizard saputra saputra
chiko Al abizard saputra saputra Aylar önce
No Ozil,no arteta
Soumik Biswas
Soumik Biswas Aylar önce
As a Roma fan I'm happy Ünder is doing well ,EPL football style suits him . Hopefully continues to do well. From the 🐺 to the 🦊.
MyUsernamesThis MyUsernamesThis
MyUsernamesThis MyUsernamesThis Aylar önce
Hahahaha arsenal u suck London is blue
The Matrix Unfolded
The Matrix Unfolded Aylar önce
That assist is everything 👏 keep it up Leicester my team ❤
Alex Epeh
Alex Epeh Aylar önce
Goal under
Anak Gaming Palsu
Anak Gaming Palsu Aylar önce
Nice nice
emir Yenere
emir Yenere Aylar önce
Diego Berty Tico Temo
Diego Berty Tico Temo Aylar önce
Saludos desde Bolivia. Fans de este grandioso equipo.
Sebastián Morán
Sebastián Morán Aylar önce
Kadafi Aylar önce
Under snuck his way into our hearts after just one game... lol
Roz Sa
Roz Sa Aylar önce
I thought Arsenal were really good now 🤔
trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen
trieutamtlsvtybg nguyen Aylar önce
Chik ko cok doi vek luk thu tik cok nho tao ko luk be de chik be de tho ai bao ha tao vi lok gai tao cha thu cho thah thag da luk nam lak ha
Umut Doğukan DÜZ
Umut Doğukan DÜZ Aylar önce
Salsa Dancer
Salsa Dancer Aylar önce
England have allõwed ä pläyer like vardy never to be the focal point of their attack. What a tragedy
Sizwe Ngutshane
Sizwe Ngutshane Aylar önce
Jamie Vardy is everyone's nightmare. Fit or unfit.
Mücahit diye birisi
Mücahit diye birisi Aylar önce
Vardy + Ünder 👍👌🏼👏💪❤️
Ali Salah
Ali Salah Aylar önce
Am hppy to see gunners lost dis and am waiting more loses for arteta
Jaap Ongeveer
Jaap Ongeveer Aylar önce
Its been crap at Arsenal since Bergkamp.
Ducky42 Gaming
Ducky42 Gaming Aylar önce new here.. congrats for win against arsenal..
alan mason
alan mason Aylar önce
Monday night, 24 hours after Vardey scored and Mustafi still hasn't got back to cover him. How do you expect to win anything with players like that?
ene x
ene x Aylar önce
Under and Vardy will be Perfect team !
Bogeng New
Bogeng New Aylar önce
Ozil tertawa melihat ini...
Mavi Vatan
Mavi Vatan Aylar önce
Ünder smillar type mo sallah riyad mahrez. i think new riyad mahrez.
DrGrowknow Uk
DrGrowknow Uk Aylar önce
Always going to be Vardy ❤️ can’t leave him out he’s our only striker And that’s why we need another great striker 🤞🏻🤞🏻⚽️❤️✌🏻
The Chatlak
The Chatlak 22 gün önce cengiz
Erni Esen
Erni Esen Aylar önce
Cengiz ünder Adamsin ✌👌🇹🇷
xX RForcE X x
xX RForcE X x Aylar önce
Vardy' first touch is incredible.
berdan Aylar önce
Divano Jrv
Divano Jrv Aylar önce
Nxt game under should starts ... ayoze is useless
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