Top 10 Overtakes of the 2020 F1 Season

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Late on the brakes, full send! Take a look at our top 10 overtakes of the 2020 F1 season as voted by you...
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Nine 8 saatler önce
Can't wait for the 2022 season
Direttamente dall' ncc maggico
Direttamente dall' ncc maggico 12 saatler önce
Where is Perez vs Ricciardo in Sochi ?
Alex International-Boy
Alex International-Boy 8 gün önce
Raditya Pramana Putra
Raditya Pramana Putra 9 gün önce
I just *VERY* love how FOM put the Tuscan, Styrian, Emilia-Romagna, and 70th Anniversary Formula 1® flag on this video! 02/04/2021 13:47.
Alexandre Maras
Alexandre Maras 17 gün önce
Unespected overtakes, perfect vídeo! New prisma f1
T 18 gün önce
It was insane
Andreas Friberg
Andreas Friberg 19 gün önce
Russel overtaking Bottas was my top overtake, aswell! No doubt! The ones telling me Sainz had the best can go to sleep! Russel just got his first try in a competitive car and crushed everyone! Only reason he did’nt win was because of his team.
PCosta 22 gün önce
I saw Ferrari x Haas?
Monty Boon
Monty Boon 22 gün önce
In the charles vs seb debate (people asking if seb has lost his edge) remember that leclerc was in the backmarkers in 2018 only 2 / 3 years ago. Vettel has been used to fighting for podiums since 2010, and suddenly being at the back of the grid is a big confidence blow. Look at how he performed in turkey, once he got past the field into p3 he was flying. And yes if charles didnt lock up he wouldn't of got a podium but when the confidence is there, he regains his edge
Osa88Stw 24 gün önce
Really?! George in first place is a fu****g joke. I see very much better overtakes, but this is my opinion...
Daniel Reid
Daniel Reid 24 gün önce
Personally I think Russell's overtake wasn't all that great. Sue me🤷🏾‍♂️
Tejas Parse
Tejas Parse 26 gün önce
If you want to watch more of these watch F2.
Gustavo Lopez Aguado Juarez
Gustavo Lopez Aguado Juarez 26 gün önce
Ok so sainz and perez are basically invisible to formula1
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez 26 gün önce
Literally carlos made in barhein the same move as russell but with a worse car
Alec G.
Alec G. Aylar önce
i love how russells got first even though sainz did the same thing but better. the only reason russell overtook is bc bottas went wide and they r in the same car but bottas didnt go wide when sainz overtook in a slower car
Martin Adrian Arcenas
Martin Adrian Arcenas Aylar önce
russell and VB were in no. 1 because it was dramatic..not because it was the most 2-5 could have been a better 1 spot
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Aylar önce
Should be albon and schumacher at haas this year.
CAKEtzy Aylar önce
Most of the people here don't know what is an overtake
PabloIB Aylar önce
2021: Bottas YES, Russell NO? Why?
elconsorte123 Aylar önce
People in the comments complaining that their favorite drivers overtake isn't here, why can't we just enjoy things instead of being so salty all the time?
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Aylar önce
MimM Aylar önce
Great move from Russell
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner Aylar önce
Amazing and ironic Mercedes cant get Russell proper sized clothes. Just wear his William's gear ffs
Diego Fernandez Sanchez
Diego Fernandez Sanchez Aylar önce
sainz did same the overtake russel did on bottas but with a McLaren
Rakan J
Rakan J Aylar önce
ok no body likes a fanboys' kid. Y'all should tune it down or we gonna hate russell
Void faMMUS
Void faMMUS Aylar önce
I believe this is the first year since 2015 that Max Verstappen hasn't been in the top 10.
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Aylar önce
I loved how they put George vs Bottas on no 1, Otherwise the No of dislikes would have been CRAZZYYY
1:23 Schumacher vs Montoya ..... mmmm no . Absolutely not. There´s no comparison.
David Johnson
David Johnson Aylar önce
How much traction control is involved?
amstaffrafa Aylar önce
So 2 out of 10 are from a guy that lost his seat to the driver who took the most races to win a race... ironic.
Nikolas Dierckx
Nikolas Dierckx Aylar önce
1:19 what was this « hmmm »
xsteban TV
xsteban TV Aylar önce
the most important think is with who you are racing. nice fights
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett Aylar önce
Albon on Kimi at Silverstone was off the track, sorry.
Er Divino
Er Divino Aylar önce
Russell perfect move!! but 7/10 overtakes are in Italy GP... pls more Mugello and Imola GP in 2021. We need the old GP with modern safety and car.
Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna Aylar önce
Mad Max doing a smooth switchback on Bottas in Austria is my #1 My #2 is Raikkonen's first lap of Portugal You can make up whatever you want from there.
Arrows Racing Team
Arrows Racing Team Aylar önce
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Aylar önce
It was in this comment section that I learned how toxic the F1 community is
Trevonne Bredy
Trevonne Bredy Aylar önce
No Lando Overtake On BOTH Pink Merc At The RBR Top 10 Rigged 🙄
Ayush Bhambhani
Ayush Bhambhani Aylar önce
Did anyone Sennnnnd it? No. There were many better overtakes by Perez, Gasly, Verstappen etc.
Morgan Ritson
Morgan Ritson Aylar önce
A lot of these are a little eh, but that Russel move on Bottas absolutely dserves to be #1
Çağrı Işıtan
Çağrı Işıtan 2 aylar önce
Vettels Istanbul start and last lap overtake should also be here
Aleš Zaťko
Aleš Zaťko 2 aylar önce
1:36 oh yes he actually see me there...
Corey Briers
Corey Briers 2 aylar önce
Where’s Kvyat on Stroll in Bahrain?? 😾😡😔🤯😱
Sxntx 2 aylar önce
Gasly one was better
Noora ROWAIEI (AL) 2 aylar önce
Alex 2 aylar önce
Kvyat vs. Leclerc in Imola in last laps!!! It is N1
Eshref Memmedov
Eshref Memmedov 2 aylar önce
F2:Schumacher-Ticktum 10th F1:Russell-Bottas 1st F1:Sainz-Bottas(Sakhir)0th
Donair 2 aylar önce
Bottas: "The mercedes is not designed to pass other cars" Russel:"Hold my williams seat"
Julien Delorean
Julien Delorean 2 aylar önce
Dépassement du SIÈCLE pour Russsell !
Davide Comastri
Davide Comastri 2 aylar önce
Max verstappen Austrian gp on bottas
Athaya Mustafa
Athaya Mustafa 2 aylar önce
Wowww but You forget Joan Mir And Valentino Rossi overtake at Misano Just joking
Luke Pearman
Luke Pearman 2 aylar önce
Perez nearly doing to Gasly what he did to Ocon when he tried that move in 2017, no awareness or care for other drivers from that guy...
iLópez 2 aylar önce
Formula 1 games' graphics are getting too real
Dead 2 aylar önce
"I don't think an overtake on Bottas can be overtake of the year." -Verstappen
Tzeff's Main Channel
Tzeff's Main Channel 2 aylar önce
I still can't get over the disappointment of RUSSELL not winning the race he so much deserved to win... :-(
Peter Schou
Peter Schou 2 aylar önce
Kevin will be missed... :-(
Francisco de Yturbe Manglano
Francisco de Yturbe Manglano 2 aylar önce
wat about sainz overtaking kimi 4 the second place at monza????
Mishael Trivennios
Mishael Trivennios 2 aylar önce
10 Top Over HAMboring time.
in China Driving
in China Driving 2 aylar önce
TOP1 杀人诛心
Antonia Mazzola
Antonia Mazzola 2 aylar önce
Bradley David
Bradley David 2 aylar önce
Bottarse has no heart. He should have fought of Russel as if his life depended on it.
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng 2 aylar önce
For those saying Number 1 is overated because it is not fair. Well let me tell u this, life isnt always fair. And it dosent matter whether George had better tyres than Bottas, an overtake is an overtake. So get on with it.
vikas sharma
vikas sharma 2 aylar önce
wow really?????? russell overtaking bottas on 1000 lap old hards is your number 1 overtake. All the overtakes sergio perez did this season. Sebastian vettel in turkey, pierre gasly at monza, carlos sainz in moza, sakhir. George russell you guys understand racing???????
Mario Gavranić
Mario Gavranić 2 aylar önce
I really thought they were gonna put in vettel's last lap podium overtake on charles
zexn 2 aylar önce
Max Verstappen 70th anniversary overtaking bottas was the best one in my opinion
Samantha LaRusso
Samantha LaRusso 2 aylar önce
#3, Alex Albon goes around the outside of Stowe, wait... i thought that was copse
Andrew Dickie
Andrew Dickie 2 aylar önce
The George overtake is at Bahrain is not overtake of the season
TOBL Casual GGH 2 aylar önce
Haha Yess number one on the list is George Russell Vs Bottas wohoo
BS57 Gaming
BS57 Gaming 2 aylar önce
1:17 join the party? 😂
James Gowie
James Gowie 2 aylar önce
Russels move was easy compared to a lot of the others with the context of valterris tyres more like 10th
Fabian Cifuentes
Fabian Cifuentes 2 aylar önce
with the sound of the engines it is more exciting ... the rest takes away emotion
Recommended 2 aylar önce
i agree with no 1 this year
Kotirosvo Oy
Kotirosvo Oy 2 aylar önce
This list IS a YOKE
Fakhruddin Hawari
Fakhruddin Hawari 2 aylar önce
I 'm not agree Russell overtake Bottas is number 1 on this list. Sainz did exact move with slower McLaren
Zach Lee
Zach Lee 2 aylar önce
albon on perez at the restart was way better than his move on ricciardo
Islam Benyahia
Islam Benyahia 2 aylar önce
George Deserve That Black Arrow Seat !!
Markus Pellikka
Markus Pellikka 2 aylar önce
Where is Kimi Räikkönen first lap overtakes? Just wondering.
Luis Echevarria
Luis Echevarria 2 aylar önce
Sainz did the same move as Russell with a McLaren
Preston Boyd
Preston Boyd 2 aylar önce
how no sainz on Leclerc in Bahrain
midelro 2 aylar önce
Corrected title: Top 10 Overtakes of 2021 Choosed by Ferrari Engineer
Antonino Cirinesi
Antonino Cirinesi 2 aylar önce
Name of Music?
Kokob Mekonen
Kokob Mekonen 2 aylar önce
Russel is overrated how in the world is his overtook top 1. It was easy move and ricciardo move too
jason bell
jason bell 2 aylar önce
Can do better!
BUZ1952 Z
BUZ1952 Z 2 aylar önce
Listening to Sky Sports broadcasters is like listening to a horse race on the radio.
Illuvatar2k 2 aylar önce
10 of the best overtake of this season... among the 12 in total that took place in the entire season.
Evan N
Evan N 2 aylar önce
That number one place shouldn’t have even been on this list
Allard de Groot
Allard de Groot 2 aylar önce
Hmm, thought the season was more exciting... 🤔
Mr. CarGuy
Mr. CarGuy 2 aylar önce
What about Vettel's last lap last corner overtake in Turkey! To me that will always be the best overtake of the season! The only person on the grid that race who truly deserved that podium was him!
Hasan Akin
Hasan Akin 2 aylar önce
Where is perez vs sainz austria
Gavin Nash
Gavin Nash 2 aylar önce
No clips of the king of overtake Perez??? Do better.
M. R.
M. R. 2 aylar önce
Best overtakes.... no Mercedes involved... except when ham is not there haha... how sad f1 has become
szewei1985 2 aylar önce
hahahaha cool
Youri Denisse
Youri Denisse 2 aylar önce
The fact that this list doenst have max, valteti or lewis in it shows how boring the front is
Vladi48mir 2 aylar önce
ReQ 2 aylar önce
Russell in first hahahaha nice joke
Fdcerroni 2 aylar önce
Where's Kvyat on Leclerc?????
The Gator
The Gator 3 aylar önce
How about Albon? Sad to see him go
Skyline Racing
Skyline Racing 3 aylar önce
Checo vs Albon in Imola was much better than Russel vs Bottas
Eulo GP
Eulo GP 3 aylar önce
Disliking this abomination. Full of irrelevant overtakes and nothing from Perez amazing ones from Sakhir, or his Ocon one from Portimao.
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 3 aylar önce
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