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Watch all the best magicians on Britain's Got Talent 2019. Checkout the judges reactions when they witness first hand what these magicians can do.
What did you think about these magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Adedotun Adegbulugbe
Adedotun Adegbulugbe 6 saatler önce
everyone is using Amanda for a demonstration
Adedotun Adegbulugbe
Adedotun Adegbulugbe 7 saatler önce
When the hypnotist told the man to sleep i thought he actually fell
The mentalist
The mentalist 10 saatler önce
Tyler J. P.
Tyler J. P. 21 saatler önce
It’s funny that they’re just doing a person switch 💀
Василий Шевченко
Василий Шевченко 2 gün önce
Было бы круто если бы и Русские суб титры сделали! А то на всех языках а на русском ×¥й
TWSK Gaming
TWSK Gaming 3 gün önce
The eyes of Amanda looks a eyes of a doll barbie lol
TWSK Gaming
TWSK Gaming 3 gün önce
or not for some
Qusyairi Badruddin
Qusyairi Badruddin 4 gün önce
OMG everything (Except the comedy) SCARED ME and the GiRlS on stage was inaproppiate to me rn so uhm ok!
Great music
Great music 5 gün önce
Why is it alway Amanda 😂😂
hesham amen
hesham amen 6 gün önce
The first one made my heart drop
Samuel Mbugua
Samuel Mbugua 9 gün önce
For the first magic trick, didn't matter what card she chose, could have been any of those faces. The box she placed the card in had a mechanism to swap the card, or someone undee the table to swap it, placing that specific card. The name on the wall had probably been written in invisible ink, and only became visible after they illuminated the wall with infrared light.
Electric On Gfuel
Electric On Gfuel 10 gün önce
👍... I can relate @aesthetic
Othman Mohamed Ali
Othman Mohamed Ali 11 gün önce
بلنطﻻااابؤر زئزظكيزونبةمءميمكيثمةلومءمووبزيممتززظزبش
Cole Murphy
Cole Murphy 11 gün önce
18:15. You can see her running behind the sheet and Amanda still looked “shocked” lol
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia 11 gün önce
Thats ✍💯cap
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia 11 gün önce
CAROL QUIN 12 gün önce
Wow the friendship of a man and a dog is amazing i love it
David French
David French 13 gün önce
“I’m kinda creeped out” You should be creeped out... AGT is recording your private conversation with your friend.
Squeezy Hugs
Squeezy Hugs 14 gün önce
The only one that sticks in my mind for all of the times that I have watched BGT was the connection between Ant and Dec. That was truly superb.
Stefan Engelmann
Stefan Engelmann 14 gün önce
Who's responsable for these awfull subtitles ? I'm german and even I see that it's a lot of it for real or just a funny joke ? must be the same person who is translating the instruction manuals...
Kaylee Borel
Kaylee Borel 14 gün önce
It’s always Amanda tho.
pizza man
pizza man 14 gün önce
the beginning of the first two look like watch dog trailers
emmanuel tucker
emmanuel tucker 15 gün önce
Life hours
mehmet akbaba
mehmet akbaba 17 gün önce
The vulgar crib allegedly remove because credit ophthalmoscopically challenge behind a broken furniture. optimal, classy mother
James Osborne
James Osborne 17 gün önce
Daniel Roades was my Favorite, Just a good yound lad having a crack
68 mopar
68 mopar 17 gün önce
Look at how several of the acts like to use the judges and those 2 stagehand, sideshow, hosts, along with that Amanda woman. Clearly, all those people are in on the performances. For example, 1 of those 2 guys is touched, yet the other one raises his hand each time the performer asks if they were touched. STAGED! Ooooooo. Its magic though. That Elizabeth character at the beginning seemed interesting, but that's about it. I stopped watching at 25 mins into this 44 min video cause it grew too boring and dull. Odd when the show has microphones picking up conversation from audience members, isn't it?
68 mopar
68 mopar 14 gün önce
@Emmariah the BADMAN asking me what
Emmariah the BADMAN
Emmariah the BADMAN 15 gün önce
I don't remember anyone asking you that?
Kriss_yboo 18 gün önce
when that guy made the egg..the woman in the audience was like "that's mental"🤣🤣
Andy Lim
Andy Lim 18 gün önce
WAIT WHAT?! i thought amanda was gonna pour water all over herself bruh wtf
Da Wizad
Da Wizad 18 gün önce
um... box #2 moved on its own
Lamar McDonald
Lamar McDonald 18 gün önce
Sadly yes
DjWorm300 19 gün önce🦾🦾✌️✌️
Virginie Verbruggen
Virginie Verbruggen 20 gün önce
IG RAJ 20 gün önce
10:14 i want to test this with my best friend🥰😍😍
JN SILVA 21 gün önce
Den Carben
Den Carben 21 gün önce
Цыганские фокусы
Waduhek 21 gün önce
32:23 he's from Hogwarts isn't he?
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 22 gün önce
Poor Amanda man she was rlly just on and off that stage-
Noémie Svíčková
Noémie Svíčková 22 gün önce
en france on a téo lavabo
2021 DIGITALE BEMARKING. 22 gün önce
HI MISS HEIDIE. You're Just BeautiFul!
CH007EH 22 gün önce
1:58 But I have to say... Amanda knows the whole theatre, so I mean... she knows where they're going and how every room is shaped. 🤔 5:01 And see: she calmed down... it's a normal woman. And the switch is as fast as in musicals if someone gets older. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It always calms me down thinking that science is everything and that everyone is part of a show and just a normal human being. 😳😂😅😅 It's kind of sad that *everything* can be staged. ☹☹
Ra1lyn303 22 gün önce
2nd one has me like: 👁👄👁
Tania Mlb
Tania Mlb 23 gün önce
Thomas? Thomas! Thomas...thomas?! Lmaooo am in tears
Tania Mlb
Tania Mlb 23 gün önce
Why are all of them choosing amanda?
YouTube Sign
YouTube Sign 23 gün önce
Got Talent
Just Random
Just Random 23 gün önce
People be crying when the dog is right there
Abhinav Shukla
Abhinav Shukla 23 gün önce
It game me goosebumps
Itz Sn1P4Z
Itz Sn1P4Z 23 gün önce
The 2. is very cool
L Jay
L Jay 23 gün önce
5:38 I love it!
Noel Marshall
Noel Marshall 24 gün önce
I'll just ruin the last trick for ye blindfold is fake but she has special contact lenses that can see through the blindfold but if any body else has the blindfold on they can't see a thing
Jessielys O.M.
Jessielys O.M. 24 gün önce
Omg I love the second one the inspiration for it is the human connection and hope
MarcAnthony Martinez
MarcAnthony Martinez 24 gün önce
Eastern boy and west end girl.
Ashton Wait
Ashton Wait 24 gün önce
The one with the dog made cry and made my day.
tamara mohamed
tamara mohamed 25 gün önce
I need to know how they do this magic trick
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor 25 gün önce
c mon he handed the movie cards to each of them
sheepishcool 26 gün önce
10:03 but thats when my mom was born
Vanessa l
Vanessa l 26 gün önce
I'm scared
Marielos De León
Marielos De León 27 gün önce
18:35 hahahaha it looks like the woman runs to where she appears
Nolan W
Nolan W 27 gün önce
29:00 very sad story :( :( :(
pee pee
pee pee 27 gün önce
the second one really done called out my mask kink 😳✋
Courtney Buchanan
Courtney Buchanan 27 gün önce
Simon cried.........
Vr Rc
Vr Rc 27 gün önce
The magician in the 35th minute was lame.... he hands a paper with an already printed dot, while the marker did not work and the rest was just bs..
Damian Bosnia
Damian Bosnia 27 gün önce
At least it was entertaining
Basmah Basmah
Basmah Basmah 27 gün önce
في عرب
الاسطورة We are all going to die
الاسطورة We are all going to die 26 gün önce
Martha Allerston
Martha Allerston 27 gün önce
I held up my hand and closed my eyes with Amanda but when the hypnotist touched her hand I felt my hand make a big tingle all over my hand 😱
Emek Mek
Emek Mek 26 gün önce ,
Krazy Jay
Krazy Jay 27 gün önce
I really want some explanations for these, these were real amazing to be honest
Branz lokajaya
Branz lokajaya 27 gün önce
🙏 di dunia 🙏
Synapsenklatscher 28 gün önce
The act at the beginning was really awesome and also a little creepy, but I think this performance is the best of them all.
Emre Aydın
Emre Aydın 28 gün önce
And how funking possible
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 29 gün önce
Lmaooo one of the twin girls from the teletransportation thing the one that appears has her hair more straight than the other one, the twin that was sitting in the audience had more curls xD obvisly that marker didnt work and the dot was already on the sheet of paper. So cheap that trick..
Emek Mek
Emek Mek 27 gün önce .
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 29 gün önce
The dog bit pretty cheap.
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 29 gün önce
Me: i swear hunny there will only be about 3 girls at the party dont worry.. :) Wife: ok i trust you. Party 2minutes later: 19:26
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 29 gün önce
If these are the best i wonder wich are the worst...
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 29 gün önce
First trick simple, u close the box and the photo they want appeara in it and the chosen by amanda goes to a secret comparment, that trick is actually boring and very cheap, if it wasnt for the music it would be more boring as fk. Than it already is. 🤢🤢🤢🤢
knownchild 29 gün önce
Notice they Wear BLACK.... Sold their soul they did.
Destination 4K
Destination 4K 29 gün önce
Ah hell mah the first one scary
Linda cerine
Linda cerine Aylar önce
All this is acting nothing true 😒
Ben M
Ben M Aylar önce
Wow, pretty awful even for propaganda.
Robert Sherman
Robert Sherman Aylar önce
The adaptable cat significantly drain because twilight seasonally fix qua a amuck george. left, skillful peak
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Aylar önce
39:18 gabbie carter?
Steven Galiyas
Steven Galiyas Aylar önce
I’m watching this at 3am
SHADOW GAMER1012 Aylar önce
The dog story made me cry
Oli Sexy
Oli Sexy Aylar önce
The cynical vase yearly squeal because father-in-law undeniably radiate mid a wrathful machine. standing, elderly distributor
Jason Henderson
Jason Henderson Aylar önce
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Aurora Eden
Aurora Eden Aylar önce
EL CHAPO. YT Aylar önce
Why is everyone choosing Amanda
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل Aylar önce
ركز في المقطع و استخرج التناقض
Said Misbah
Said Misbah Aylar önce
Smerjel said. Morrocco. City khouribga
Mahela Iduran
Mahela Iduran Aylar önce
අපෙ ටැලන්ට් ස්විස් වල 😥
MeAndMyRabbits .2
MeAndMyRabbits .2 Aylar önce
Luiz Ancelmo dos Reis
Luiz Ancelmo dos Reis Aylar önce
estou com um pouco de medo. kkkkkkkkk
ZiSt1989 Aylar önce
first one was MENTAL! 🤐
James Childs
James Childs Aylar önce
they also knew what box had it .
James Childs
James Childs Aylar önce
THE PEOPLE WHO SAID "we are brother hood" ONLY PUT A 1 3 3 and 4
Grand Maitre
Grand Maitre Aylar önce
They choose amanda way too muchhh, why that 🤨🤔
Orange Fanta
Orange Fanta Aylar önce
29:00 ayo something tramatic happened that changed my life check
Patricia Gross
Patricia Gross Aylar önce
8:43 simon looks like he 💩 himself
Patricia Gross
Patricia Gross Aylar önce
I've seen this vid 1000 times but everytime I like it better anyone else
Diego Orozco
Diego Orozco 27 gün önce
You are beautiful 😘
DantesPop Aylar önce
It makes me so sad when the how is not bvious.
عـۘہ‌‍ٰ۫دنہ‌‍ہ‌‍ٰ۫ان꧂ Aylar önce
How cool is that
الاسطورة We are all going to die
الاسطورة We are all going to die 26 gün önce
يب يا عدنان هههههههه
Looniper Aylar önce
1st was lame. No matter which image she selected unseen, it was going to come out of the cigar box as the woman. It's a simple swap, very beginner level stuff there.
grigori vershinin
grigori vershinin Aylar önce
Вершинин Григорий Николаевич-пророк-целитель-Старец, тел:+79508743029 теле2, тел:+79038714502 мегафон, это очень круто перевоплощение, но это делает высший разу, кто это видёт нужна защита.
Nouf Musad
Nouf Musad Aylar önce
Italy !!! 🤣 saimon was watching when amanda chose italyyyyyy 😂😂
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