Pranav's science tutorials
Pranav's science tutorials 19 saatler önce
Yo matpat i just discovered that the background music was the music which plays while you fight the fire ant queen in pocket ants game (it is my favorite game)
Drewnasy 19 saatler önce
I appreciate the joke of Afton "luring the crying child" out with a basket of exotic butters :)
zyArthxr 19 saatler önce
"They need to breathe oxygen and eat human food, which means they came from planet earth" Saiyans: Imma end this man whole career
demon 19 saatler önce
I lost a cat
Dziura YT
Dziura YT 19 saatler önce
U forget about mods
me ofc UnU elin alipoor
me ofc UnU elin alipoor 19 saatler önce
Hello, i have a question, who's this kid face that come in ucn? Bro this kid gotten into my dreams👁️👄👁️
Tuber Pog
Tuber Pog 19 saatler önce
*man i learn here about science instead of actual science class- real science class is a pebble compared to this*
Jayson Shocks
Jayson Shocks 19 saatler önce
That line from Henry was sick and you can’t tell me otherwise
Света Соколова
Света Соколова 19 saatler önce
The painful patio particularly exercise because flag universally learn beside a befitting sheet. expensive, wiry computer
borigee 19 saatler önce
Please no, don't kill pikachu.
Josef Ptacek
Josef Ptacek 19 saatler önce
Wasn't "History is written by victors" napoleon's quote
Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay
Fnaf theories, animation shorts and gameplay 19 saatler önce
Laura Kastrup
Laura Kastrup 19 saatler önce
“Classic case of Jekyll and Hyde” But... but Jekyll was aware of Hyde. He KNEW Hyde. He CREATED Hyde... wait a minute
Mark Leighton
Mark Leighton 19 saatler önce
Mat what are your thoughts about the new fnaf breach game on ps5
Sunita 19 saatler önce
*Who else got this recommended more than one time?*
iiTreeckoKingii _
iiTreeckoKingii _ 19 saatler önce
hmmmm a fazbear frights book number 4 talks about a fnaf 4 character
Keaton_JB 19 saatler önce
Me: Did you die? Minecraft: Sadly, yes. But I came back
Zacharias Ioannides
Zacharias Ioannides 19 saatler önce
Wot Hings
edxblue 19 saatler önce
Stichwraith jumpscare not cool ffs
FlyingPhoenix 19 saatler önce
hey mat did you die in season 4 i havent watched escape the night did you die im justn asking
Capt Happy
Capt Happy 19 saatler önce
Also the chest doesnt open cuz if it did then the snap neck would be snap torso trpost.info/list/video/aciHeJF5y8zdqng.html
Fernando Duron
Fernando Duron 19 saatler önce
Matpat, i dont really know if you have adressed this before( yes, I went and looked all the videos) and from what I know, you have never really introduced the idea that maybe the reason why the lore book asks:" do you remember your name" is because Michael( crying child) might have never been his child from the beginning.How come do we not know that the bite of 83 was William Afton's intentions to take away sammy( henry's kid) from him as retribution from baby killing elizabeth? Its possible that William knew about this since Henry's kid, Charlotte was built as a robot and also that different memories could have been faked to say that his name is Michael....It makes sense since him escaping from his place( henry's house) because of William's help.... also, have you noticed that the crying child did not have friends at his supposedly "birthday party"? I will also assume that the one who brought friends and actually had fun at the place was foxy bro....mmmmm sorry if im wrong
The Mazter
The Mazter 19 saatler önce
You should make a theory if netherite is real
Angry Grievous
Angry Grievous 19 saatler önce
I miss the simpler times... I miss when Mike was important...
Capt Happy
Capt Happy 19 saatler önce
Yo how did blue vent if he was a crewmate? is he a crewpostor?!
meme god
meme god 19 saatler önce
HR2 19 saatler önce
Anyone else notice this? Ok I know sister location is very old and that but I just wanted to point this out that.....this might be crucial to the timeline......in sister location the two technicians were killed and in fnaf 2 or 3 phone guy mentions about two technicians being killed.
Calvins Carvings.
Calvins Carvings. 19 saatler önce
The beginning is unrealistic, the endermen would just kill you then flee.
Mr Corbz
Mr Corbz 19 saatler önce
That One Ampharos
That One Ampharos 19 saatler önce
Vera Petrović
Vera Petrović 19 saatler önce
My name is Elizabeth My Brothers name is Evan 🤔😬😳
lunar playz
lunar playz 19 saatler önce
Rip Ronni, you well be missed
tony brown
tony brown 19 saatler önce
I'm watching this 2021
Lorus Hifi
Lorus Hifi 19 saatler önce
This video is funny😆😆
Dominic Khayan
Dominic Khayan 19 saatler önce
I, just can't say how sorry I am for your loss(even if i'm 2-3 years late) but be strong, he's in a better place now
Phoenix Tutorials
Phoenix Tutorials 19 saatler önce
watching at 1.25x speed bc i hate myself
Braden Schrein
Braden Schrein 19 saatler önce
Now that hyrule warriors age of calamity is out he should make a new Zelda timeline
Aqua Ninja
Aqua Ninja 19 saatler önce
To the Dalton White comment: Bulbasaur isn't the best and no Pokémon is the best but in the Kabto starter trio, you could say it's either a tie or a win for Charizard. 1st of all, Leech Seed and Sleep Powder isn't even that good if the opponent can outspeed and OHKO Venusaur. Sure, it got Growth and Giga Drain and all but then again, a Flying type move doesn't get affected in Generations 1-3 since all damage dealing Flying moves dealt physical damage and Giga Drain will deal 4x resisted damage to Charizard and Synthesis healing damage gets cancelled by super effective damage anyways unless they are in the sun but then again Fire type attacks become stronger now. While Blastoise is a Water type and I do love Water types, I have to admit that Charizard can outspeed it and deal big damage to Blastoise before fainting and using a revenge killer, or just straight up make Blastoise faint. And with Megas, Mega Venusaur has Thick Fat, sure but you know Charizard can learn a Flying type move. Venusaur can benefit from Mega Y with the Drought but only when it is in its regular form. Even if it was in its Mega form, Mega-Saur still gets super effective damage since the harsh sunlight cancels out most or if not all the Thick Fat. Mega Y can also use instantaneous Solar Beam on Mega Blastoise. Mega X is much better with DD to use its ability which powers up contact moves. Charizard finally becomes a Dragon type making the Water type deal neutral damage to it and it can wall Grass types just as easy a before with buffed stats. And if someone dares to use Rock Slide or Stone Edge, it can, you know, switch to a Pokémon which can wall a Rock move. Sorry it had to come to this, but Charizard was the winner here.
Asiya khanom
Asiya khanom 19 saatler önce
pichu noooooooooo
Vera Petrović
Vera Petrović 19 saatler önce
Soo i love and have 50 plushies of a plant
ILikeToTalkAlot 19 saatler önce
Me, rewatching the early series again: *Haha you thought-*
The Dino Hat
The Dino Hat 19 saatler önce
0:18 wait that’s Illegal
Forsaken Gorilla
Forsaken Gorilla 19 saatler önce
Matpat is just looking off into space the entire time
Nathan Larson
Nathan Larson 19 saatler önce
Enderman vs endermites .....FIGHT
Ahmad Abusido Year 9
Ahmad Abusido Year 9 20 saatler önce
how much is diamond armor worth in emeralds
Nourah Alzahrani
Nourah Alzahrani 20 saatler önce
congrats to the people that bought youtube premume
The Goggles Fam
The Goggles Fam 20 saatler önce
Yugoslav Ball
Yugoslav Ball 20 saatler önce
scott adding new thing to lore bc he knows if someone knows everything about lore,no one never care fnaf more
DeenMachine29 20 saatler önce
what if Evan is actually just a ghost and when he is out Cassidy takes over and maybe evan gave his son the brain tumor
Charlie Morgon
Charlie Morgon 20 saatler önce
Ryann Lewis
Ryann Lewis 20 saatler önce
shouldn't it be jake then?
Soulmonger 20 saatler önce
the dancer was easy
Ravi Jitiya
Ravi Jitiya 20 saatler önce
Samantha Mccarthy
Samantha Mccarthy 20 saatler önce
vanossgaming is once of my favourite channels
Ella- Grace
Ella- Grace 20 saatler önce
The cut scene at the start is so disturbing
Riley Carter
Riley Carter 20 saatler önce
Guys don't search for mk search and mk often
LegoMyEggo 20 saatler önce
2016: minecraft is ending 2020: minecraft is endless
ItFleeb 20 saatler önce
The clothes look pog
Raphiel 20 saatler önce
I had to skip half the episode to get to the real video
Ahmad Abusido Year 9
Ahmad Abusido Year 9 20 saatler önce
1:00 forget ur song bruh
Lily Caro
Lily Caro 20 saatler önce
The panoramic apartment aesthetically bounce because aries naively part to a ethereal noise. rude, historical elephant
Joshua Grainger
Joshua Grainger 20 saatler önce
I think Chris was the original in the golden freddy suit but then he was kicked out by Cassidy and then shadow Freddy a clone of golden freddy
Samantha Mccarthy
Samantha Mccarthy 20 saatler önce
i thought this was a moment from the mr beast challenge since i saw this in the morning i legit freaked out when it was a game theroy video
Tito The Turtle
Tito The Turtle 20 saatler önce
Next do willys wonderland in real life
PastelPoop Plays
PastelPoop Plays 20 saatler önce
Matpat: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night) Scott: Let's just... (security breach walks in)
Wilbur !
Wilbur ! 20 saatler önce
You think that 2016 was tough 2020, that's all I need to say
Touhou Plays
Touhou Plays 20 saatler önce
"The original ghost girl from pokemon black and white" The girl in the Old Chateau: I am a joke to you?
Just A Person
Just A Person 20 saatler önce
Yo what if the reason Steve pops into existence the way he does when you boot up a game is because he was a zombie? You can cure a zombie villager, but not the ones who were once builders. What if the reason that is true is because Steve is the only case of that happening? What if that's why Steve is "the last builder"? Because he's the only zombie to have ever been cured Edit: not to mention how it fits into the theory. Steve couldn't have inherited immunity from a race that's been extinct for centuries, but he also couldn't have been a part of said race. Unless he's been around for centuries, as the undead. If he was cured of the zombie virus, then he would have the antibodies necessary to fight it, which would also explain why Steve doesn't have the 50% zombification rate that villagers do. It would also explain why we, the player, have no memories or home when the game gets booted up, because we've been rotting that whole time before hand
Princel Panganoron
Princel Panganoron 20 saatler önce
A lot of people say the crying child is named chris
Gacha Hanz
Gacha Hanz 20 saatler önce
@Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy its so overused that everyone thinks its canon lol
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy
Gsgsghs Gsgsgsy 20 saatler önce
well then they are wrong, the name "chris" was created by fans and not by Scott
Nina Borukhow
Nina Borukhow 20 saatler önce
He is the worst
R D22
R D22 20 saatler önce
Wait mimikyu just wears a different disguise color so he would live
Otohime Saki
Otohime Saki 20 saatler önce
Nathaniel YT
Nathaniel YT 20 saatler önce
Why Cant We Just Ask Mojang About The Full Story of MINECRAFT
Matthew Whitham
Matthew Whitham 20 saatler önce
I cant believe Mat is still going on about fnaf theories after 7 years. I'm pretty sure the only reason new stuff comes out is so he can talk about it at this point.
Im Stupid
Im Stupid 20 saatler önce
Maybe the story in non canon or the story that scott orignally wanted to create when he made fnaf but decided not to. We know from the newspapers in fnaf that the purple guy was arrested(which is probably not true anymore) and it is very like he was also arrested in this story. Maybe all Scott wanted to tell us was that the missing children incident took place in 1985 and nothing more.
ch0mpz 20 saatler önce
Remember when Phone Guy was Purple Guy?
Naseem Ahmed
Naseem Ahmed 20 saatler önce
2:29 Why didn't you mention Bulbasaur?
lampshade hitman
lampshade hitman 20 saatler önce
Callie H
Callie H 20 saatler önce
Me: fingers crossed for the name Chris matpat: Evan me:nooo
Denz clark Panerio
Denz clark Panerio 20 saatler önce
When i wathed ythe video a few mins a jumpsacre pop out and it was veryyyyyyy ugly and scary