Jennifer Hibbert
Jennifer Hibbert 18 saatler önce
Bro why aren't the views running up
Smokey Gm
Smokey Gm 19 saatler önce
She made ts doggshitw
Cristian Cartier
Cristian Cartier 19 saatler önce
Me when I lie
josep Alexander
josep Alexander 19 saatler önce
Fuckin queen cannot anyone replace in the game. She is a legend. Period
ACTV 20 saatler önce
Official reaction to the remix! trpost.info/list/video/iNmle36empbdpYQ.html appreciate the support!
ACTV 20 saatler önce
Official reaction to the remix! trpost.info/list/video/iNmle36empbdpYQ.html appreciate the support!
Tamyra Gates
Tamyra Gates 20 saatler önce
So her son name is adonis 🥺❤️
Don’t catch this Mf
Don’t catch this Mf 20 saatler önce
Dance to much booty n da pants dance to much booty...... dat boi sada ah ol school player lol
King panther D.P
King panther D.P 20 saatler önce
Nicki verse ain’t add any clout onto this song y’all needa stfu 🤦🏿‍♂️
Ereeze Ubeezy
Ereeze Ubeezy 21 saatler önce
jeremy teamjeremy
jeremy teamjeremy 21 saatler önce
Let it be known, on this day I'm officially a new fan.
Gerson J
Gerson J 21 saatler önce
He sounds like Herbert the pervert from family guy
Said Ali
Said Ali 22 saatler önce
Hennepin county
Ashley Crump
Ashley Crump 22 saatler önce
David against china
David against china 22 saatler önce
Biden passed a bill in 1994 that put more poor black people in jail.Corporate taxes Trump: 21.0% Biden: 28.0% Income & Payroll taxes Trump: 37.0% Biden: 52.0% Small business taxes Trump: 29.6% Biden: 39.6% Capital gains & divided taxes Trump: 23.8% Biden: 43.4% California: 62.6% New Jersey:60% New York:58% New York City:62% Imagine the other state how much he's going to take away from our pockets!Trickle down economics on taxes. If biden wins, the rich people are going to move and hide their money and poor people are going to be stuck paying it, the end. - Candence Owens-
Jayda Playz
Jayda Playz 22 saatler önce
I’m only here for Nicki Minaj hehe
yayaaa .
yayaaa . 23 saatler önce
ian know she mentioned drakes son until i looked at the lyrics 😭 .
Mommy_ Danyelle
Mommy_ Danyelle 23 saatler önce
My number one favorite song right here I can listen to this everyday
Mario Philpot
Mario Philpot 23 saatler önce
Sada You outta here boy boy!!!!!!🙌🏿🕺🏿 Get that paper fool!!! Detroit said WHAT UP DOE!! I'm proud of you young man! Let's Go👆
k 23 saatler önce
anyone reading this ..... sis ..... GET YOUR BAG UP
R D 23 saatler önce
She knows she got it bra.....queen baby
Dashawn5 Phillips
Dashawn5 Phillips 23 saatler önce
3rd Element
3rd Element 23 saatler önce
Broskii Lacroix
Broskii Lacroix Gün önce
Be like shawty let your hair down low let the top back stars shining on you feel the wind blow caressing it on you get blowing in though that's what we do sipping on white
Broskii Lacroix
Broskii Lacroix Gün önce
D R Gün önce
I though this vid had over 100 million views Danm...
D Billinz
D Billinz Gün önce
My barber kept singing this shit... “Wanna see me do my dance, in these thousand dollar pants” The only reason I know this exists.
Joshua Arouni
Joshua Arouni Gün önce
Nicki just made this song 100% better
RANDA Gün önce
She saved 2020
sonofalegend 1
sonofalegend 1 Gün önce
This some oldskool Miami shit. Where uncle luke at?
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith Gün önce
*dam girl*
yodaa curtis
yodaa curtis Gün önce
She tha only one doin songs with that snitch. Ann every one loves it. Haha
Shawn Hale
Shawn Hale Gün önce
Love.it you want arignol music their it is det mix with Dubai
Lou Rayford
Lou Rayford Gün önce
You is so funny
Pork 1.0
Pork 1.0 Gün önce
The beat carried so hard dude raps so quiet and his voice just don’t sound that good
BbRA Cordingley
BbRA Cordingley Gün önce
Fly fly away little birdie noone will find you
BbRA Cordingley
BbRA Cordingley Gün önce
Choppas on your McDonaldPad. Got you Flying out of your seat. Don't forget to hide the bag tho. You might end up losing the Lottery. With your luck.
Antonio Saia
Antonio Saia Gün önce
why do i like this song
Guess Guess
Guess Guess Gün önce
Best song of 2020
LPTV Gün önce
keep grinding
MindBlowing Questions
MindBlowing Questions Gün önce
I subscribed because this Music Video is funny Af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hbk Dave
Hbk Dave Gün önce
Not a fan but she ATE THIS TF UPPPP
Rap Empress
Rap Empress Gün önce
Just can't get enough of this song.........🥰🥰
Flamin Plug
Flamin Plug Gün önce
Aye yo this the first time there was actually good baddies in a music video
Benjamin Mohammed
Benjamin Mohammed Gün önce
Wt is this , Trash
Fuzik Gün önce
Why this man sounds like snoop mixed with herbert the pervert
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas Gün önce
A this that shit❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shera Payne
Shera Payne Gün önce
This video got me off guard 😂😂😂why is no one talking about it btw queen ate
Chantelle Mwendamberi
Chantelle Mwendamberi Gün önce
The internet hasnt been the same since she mentioned these hand me down bags. #burkin
Brendha Goulart
Brendha Goulart Gün önce
Sério q n tem brasileiro aqui?🤡👌
bobaslave16 Gün önce
bobaslave16 Gün önce
Legal is yours Finnish>
bobaslave16 Gün önce
Code Red Hair
bobaslave16 Gün önce
bobaslave16 Gün önce
Fruit of the Loom
bobaslave16 Gün önce
that beet Hit
Johnnylee Glass
Johnnylee Glass Gün önce
What happened to music... I meant good music
Madison Oliver
Madison Oliver Gün önce
Im so proud of him❤️
Jack Hall
Jack Hall Gün önce
I love the nicki Minaj part, but the other rapper. He sound good until he rapped about “dancing in these thousand $ pants” just the tone threw it all off 😂
um chile anyways so
um chile anyways so Gün önce
cardi could never
Signalz Productions
Signalz Productions Gün önce
Sounds like a song from victorious
saisei Gün önce
0:55 CRINGE 😬
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Gün önce
Aiya Gün önce
LMAOOO I sneezed on the bam part 💀
melissa Chicle
melissa Chicle Gün önce
Adoins is not going to nickis house if his husband is there
Nelson Gün önce
It’s nickis song now😁
bobaslave16 Gün önce
Beverly Hills'
bobaslave16 Gün önce
Jacob Merrill
Jacob Merrill Gün önce
I love the beat. I have no idea what he said.
Sophia Gün önce
Русские есть?..
Sophia Gün önce
Русские есть?..
Lydia- Marie
Lydia- Marie Gün önce
This is just pure fire 🔥
Aj Vibes music
Aj Vibes music Gün önce
Jamari Bootman-Bourne
Jamari Bootman-Bourne Gün önce
Imagine how nicki would've fucked up this vid
meee meee
meee meee Gün önce
Don't know but this song embarrasses me so much. It's just so forced badass. I'm sorry but it's embarrassing.
Michael Acheampong
Michael Acheampong Gün önce
Gamer Of Hyrule
Gamer Of Hyrule Gün önce
She really did Black lives matter like that? Brought up rioting of all things? This is why she’s just a pandering Hollywood pop star and Cardi and Megan are REAL rappers
Gamer Of Hyrule
Gamer Of Hyrule Gün önce
@Alyssa Kane at least Cardi talked about real issues with policing and didn’t make it about rioting like she did. Nicki even said she was Republican in a song back in 2012.
Alyssa Kane
Alyssa Kane Gün önce
oh stfu 🤣
Chaimae Ribati
Chaimae Ribati Gün önce
queen <3
Carlos Thomas
Carlos Thomas Gün önce
I swear that leveon bell at 7seconds
joao pedro
joao pedro Gün önce
Caralho é o Igor 3k
Alexander Sidbury
Alexander Sidbury Gün önce
The Hawtsus
The Hawtsus Gün önce
Cool plotwist edit audio idea: start at 1:52 and before the 2 min mark go to 0:52